MyProtector Waterproof but not "Crunchy & Hot" Mattress Protector

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This is one of the finest protectors you will find to protect your Mattress investment. Protectors become your washable surface for your mattress. It's more than simply protecting your mattress from your childrens' accidents. When we sleep moisture is being absorbed into your mattress creating unwanted smells and eventual mattress failure. Protectors can also be important when you get the Flu. Without a protector these Flu germs will go into your mattress and you will continue to breathe these in. This helps extend your illness. If however, you have your protector you can simply wash it and reduce your exposure to these yucky germs.

Features include

10 Year Warranty

Top Fabric is 100% Natural cotton percale, 270 TC, Ivory Color.

Filling is 100% Washable Wool. This will help keep your temperature stable while you sleep. Other less expensive protectors will increase the heat and create a crunchy feel. If you ever had the miss-fortune of sleeping on one of those then you know EXACTLY what I am describing.

Skirt and Lining is 100% waterproof microfiber.

I can't compliment this product enough. It fit's like a fitted sheet. Simply put it on your mattress and over anything you want to protect. If you have a topper you could place your topper on the mattress and then put the protector over both, the mattress and protector.