The Best Kapok And Latex Pillow For Side Sleepers

Posted by Aaron Baker on


The BEST kapok and Latex pillows for side sleeping! I have had the hardest time finding the right pillow. I have fibromyalgia and TMJ. I really needed something that supports my neck and shoulders.


I literally have spent over $900 on different pillows and still couldn't sleep comfortably. To say I was frustrated would be and understatement!

Then one day I came across TheSleepyWillow I explained my situation through email. They suggested their Latex and Kapok adjustable pillow. The person that replied went on to explain that he and his wife went through a similar situation. he suffers from arthritis and his wife has lupus so they have different needs and preferences. He likes a thick firm pillow and his wife likes a thinner one. But every time she bought a thinner pillow it would get too flat after awhile. While the thicker pillows he purchased were too firm.

Then they tried the kapok and latex pillow. He explained that there is a zipper and that they are over stuffed with kapok and latex noodles so that you can customize the height. I was skeptical because of the money we had already spent so I just bought one. It took a few days to adjust the height and firmness but I fell in love with it.

My husband noticed I was no longer tossing and turning and asked me if he could try it for the night. I seriously didn't want to sleep without it, but he's my hubby so I caved. I retrieved the latex noodles I took out because he likes a thicker pillow and told him what they educated me on.

Needless to say I never got my pillow back! I had to go buy another one from them. Who by the way gave us a 20% discount because we were not lucky enough to avoid the fires last year. I never felt so rested and was surprised that the pillows stayed cool as well! I promptly ordered a couple more!

I wanted to give one to my best friend who has MS. I just knew it would be the best gift for her ever! Needless to say I am a total kapok and latex fan!

It was seriously the best money I've ever spent! I didn't even know at the time that latex is made from the rubber tree and doesn't go flat. Truth be told, I would spend the money every year even if it did go flat.

Getting a solid nights sleep is priceless to me. I even travel with them. Yep I'm that person walking through the airport with a pillow tucked under my arm! Almost a year later I'm still sleeping soundly with the same pillows!!

Normally the pillows I'd buy went flat after a few months! I can not recommend this product highly enough. Even if you don't have a health issue, as we age things just break down and hurt.

I now buy them from TheSleepyWillow for gifts at Christmas and Birthdays. It may sound cheesy, but the thank you cards I receive say that they are by far the best gift they've received!

As we get older it gets harder to sleep due to pain or health issues and I'm so glad I came across this site! They are very kind, helpful, and understanding and answer emails really quick. They ship quick and the pillows are shipped compressed so the package is small.

I highly recommend TheSleepyWillow company. I hope this helps anyone having sleep issues!


Carol Bennett